WTGBET MGA publishes voluntary ESG Code of Good Practice
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MGA publishes voluntary ESG Code of Good Practice

Updated:2024-03-31 09:32    Views:125

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has announced the introduction of the Enviromental, Social and Governance (ESG) Code of Good Practice for the remote gaming sector. 

The ESG code is voluntary, but all MGA licensees have been encouraged to adopt it to better demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and improve the ESG standing of the industry.

Outgoing MGA CEO Carl Brincat commented on the news: “The MGA has always strived to be at the forefront of regulatory innovation and progress.

"We have been working not only to supervise the gaming industry, but also to nurture it, to foster a space where operators can thrive, while ensuring that the welfare of society remains paramount. Our ESG Code represents our commitment to this.” 

The code is organised into Enviromental, Social and Governance categories, while the key features of the code include: two tiers of reporting, flexible approach for certain disclosures,Play Casino Online streamlined reporting and focus on ESG reporting. 

Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands, Silvio Schembri, added: “All businesses should embrace tools to reduce risk and transform successfully, and when it comes to remote gaming, one of the tools is using ESG metrics. 

“The ESG code will serve as an instrument for self-regulation, helping remote gaming companies align with best practices and maintain a position that allows them to effectively meet the evolving expectations of key stakeholders in the sector.”